Art Education for Children

Currently, a number of schools have been recorded to have cut art education from their curriculum. The big question is, why do they have to do so? As a result, many children are not in position of accessing music, theatre and art skills. However, art is something that is fun to every child. The kid is capable of diving into the finger paints and come up with the best picture. Art education is essential to children in helping them to cover a number of fundamental levels. The following are the main reasons why art education is important to the children.

  1. It improves the Child’s Creativity

Through art education, the children are given a chance of expressing themselves as compared to other subjects like maths and science. In many occasions the child is required to perform monologue recitation in 6 different styles. This child will also be required to come with a paint representing a memory or he/she will be required to compose a rhythm that will enhance a given piece of music. Through this, the child’s creativity is improved.

  1. It Leads to Improvement of Studies

Art education does not only improve the practical skills of the child, but it also enhances the improvement of the academic performance. In many cases, the art skills are spread out to the academic performance. Studies have shown that children who participate art education are likely to be 4 times more successful in their academic studies as compared to those who do not participate. These children will emerge the best when it comes to science fairs, essay writing or poem writing.

  1. Enables the Child to Access Motor Skills

This is applicable to the kids who spend their most time in playing a given instrument or doing a certain art. The things that develop the motor skills of the child are like holding a paintbrush and then scribbling it using a crayon.  This is also demonstrated by the 4 years old children being in a position of drawing a square, and using a scissor to cut straight lines.

  1. It Boosts the Child’s Confidence

Art education plays an essential role when it comes to building the confidence of the child. The children who are best at singing are in the position of presenting themselves at the stage with confidence. Through seeing their progress in art, their confidence is enhanced as they grow.

  1. Visual-Spatial Skills

Moreover, art education gives the children a chance of accessing the visual-spatial skills. When the young children engages in painting activities, drawing and sculpting activities, their visual-spatial skills are enhanced. Through art education children are in a position of interpreting, criticizing, and using the visual data and are thought how to make correct choices relating to this information.