Child Care in Fitzroy

Child care is when you leave your child under the care of someone else. This is normally observed when one is working, studying or committed somewhere. However, the big challenge that arises is making a decision on the right child care. Moreover, early learning is considered to be something difficult for many families. Thus, one’s decision will depend on the needs of his/her family and the type of atmosphere that gives the needed comfort. Furthermore, child care gives the child the needed opportunity for the development of social skills, learning skills, and emotional skills.

In Fitzroy, a number of child care services and early learning services are offered. These are long day care services, occasional care services, in-home care services, outside the school hours care services and family day care services. All these services are offered in order to enable the parent to make the correct decision. They are discussed as follows;-

Long Day Care

This type of childcare service is also called centre-based care.  In Fitzroy, long day care services are offered in a building set aside as the child care centre. This centres normally work as from 7.30 in the morning to 6.00 in the evening. They provide professional care to the children who are between 0 and 6 years old. Moreover, they group these children in different rooms as per their ages.

Family Day Care

Family day care in Fitzroy is provided by a channel of family dare care educators. The services they provide are flexible and their education is based on the homes. Family day care services are meant to ensure that all components are effectively working. Other services performed by family dare care is the recruiting of new educators, training the educators and supporting the given educators.

In-Home Care

This is observed to be more of family day care with their difference being that they offer their services at the child’s home. The option is only available in the cases where other childcare options are not applicable. Therefore in-home care is only applicable to the child who cannot be cared for in the other options.

Outside School Hours Care

This is another childcare option provided in Fitzroy. It is specifically meant for the children who are at the primary school level. This care takes place after the school or during holidays or on the days when the pupils are free.

Occasional Care

This type of childcare only performs its tasks within a certain period of time. Its professional care is provided only on a casual basis. This the best method for the parents of Fitzroy who don’t love taking their kids to the child care centres. It is vital when they want to go for medication or for any other urgent appointment.