Childcare Darwin- Spotting delayed development and what you can do about it?

The first to notice signs of delayed development in their preschoolers are parents and the care givers at child care centres in Darwin. It’s natural for parent to want the very best for their child. However, the signs of delayed development can cause parents to worry a great deal. They often wonder why their child is not crossing the milestones like their peers.

What should be kept in mind though is the fact that each child is different and therefore what may be a developmental milestone for one child may not be so for another. All children learn at their own pace. Even those children who could have delayed development would eventually make their way towards their peers with the right amount of care and understanding.

Common developmental delays

The most common kind of development delays are language and speech issues. The way a child produces sounds and speaks depends on many factors. How well your child understands you and how easily are they able to put their feelings into words. Usually two to three year olds are able to understand simple commands. They may also be able to answer simple questions pertaining to who and where. However, if you feel there are certain issues which your child is facing with language development, feel free to talk to a pediatrician. An early on communication with a speech therapist can help resolve many issues.

What you as a parent can do about these developmental delays

The experts at childcare Darwin have the following advice for parents who feel their children may be facing delayed development:

  • If you notice problems in your child’s speech or motor skills, you must immediately seek the advice of your child’s pediatrician. They would first set up an evaluation for your child to see how they are faring when compared to the usual milestones achieved by children their age.
  • The evaluation is usually done in a setting in which the child I comfortable. You can either choose to have them evaluated in child care centres in Darwin or have it at home, whatever your child might be comfortable with. An evaluation can be scheduled in two or three weeks’ time.
  • If you for some matter are more concerned about your child but the doctor or the care giver is not, you can still seek help. As a parent you are the one who is most closely associated with your child.
  • Keep in mind that early intervention can play a big role in helping your child and improve their chances of success later in life.

While this can be a matter of alarm for most parent, instead of panicking make sure you chose the best speech or physical therapist for your child. Choosing the right people to help your child can greatly improve their chances of moving along with their peers.

For more information on help regarding delayed development, make sure you talk to your child’s caregiver at childcare Darwin.

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