Children’s Activities

Melbourne is a fabulous place offering a number of children’s activities. This is the city that gives the children the needed entertainment starting from its aquarium up to the zoo, and from the museums up to ice-skating. The following are the main children activities in Melbourne.

Luna Park

No child can be complete without passing through the famous giant mouth of this park. Immediately the child passes through this mouth, he/she will encounter a world that is full of carnival flair. The Power Surge and the Enterprise is what attracts the older kids as the little ones are attracted by the Silly Serpent and the Arabian Merry.

Pauline Gandel Gallery

This is a museum’s children’s gallery set aside the Melbourne State. It is specifically designed for the children who are between 0 and 5 years old. The museum is vital for setting up a new standard when it comes to early childhood learning.


This is one best attraction site for the children. Upon entering the place, the children are given a ticket that allows them to participate in 22 rides in addition to accessing the water play area and the barbecue area,

Collingwood Children’s Farm

This is another attraction place for the children. In this place the urban children are given a chance of milking the cows, feeding the chooks, riding a pony and playing with the little lambs.

ACMI Family Sundays

ACMI holds a number of interactive activities and events that are child-friendly. Children of all ages are involved in the fun activities like the creation of the YouTube videos, painting of the 3D masterpiece, singing the frozen type of songs and many more.

Melbourne Aquarium

This is another activity offered in Melbourne that attracts a number of children. This place consists of 12 themed zones that are full of aquatic life and exhibits that are educational and interactive to children of all ages.

Clip ‘N’ Climb

This gives access to 33 different climbs and each climb is accompanied by themes and difficulties that vary from one another. Moreover, the children are capable of racing their friends on the Speed Wall.

Animal Land

This a place that offers the urban children a farming experience that is hands-on. In this place, the children will get exposed to farm animals such as pigs, ducks, goats, cows, ducks and many more.

Wonderland Fun Park

This is situated at Docklands and it enables children of all ages to enjoy a number of activities starting from the rides to the attractions. Other things offered in place are the old favourites such as the Drop Zone, the Dodgem Cars, The Grand Carousel and finally, the Wacky Worm Roller Coaster. This explains why every child will definitely love this place