Children’s Dancing Lessons

A Dance is an art. It is such fun activity for girls and boys. It has a lot of benefits for children’s development. A child can be enrolled in a dance class as early as 2 years old. Before enrolling your child, it is important to know if he/she is ready and interested. It is not a good idea to force a shy child to have a dance lesson. When you notice that your child has a potential or interest in dancing, that is the best time to enrol him/her. There are many options of dance classes to choose for your child. It is best to know their benefits for you to decide which you think is the best to enrol.

  • Ballet Dance Classes

This teaches your child with good posture and develops his/her strength. It has many techniques that gives grace and learn balancing the body.

  • Hip Hop Dance Classes

Your child will learn different moves in hip hop and the movements can make your child active and energetic.

  • Jazz Dance Classes

This is not ideal for kids below 4 years old as it has movements like high kicks, lots of turning and leaping.

  • Contemporary Dance Classes

In this class, your child will learn how to express her/himself as it is a combination of different dance styles. Most of the movements in this dance are interpretative which allow your child to become expressive.

  • Creative Movement Dance Classes

This allows your child develop his/her creativity as your child is free to create his/her original movements.

  • Tap Dance Classes

This class is fun and involves tapping the feet. This is good for all especially for kids since this is easier compared to other dance styles.

Dance has a lot of benefits for children in their development.

  • Physical Development

There are always body movements in dancing. When you keep on dancing, you sweat. This is a good exercise for your child which has benefits for the body.

  • Creativity – Making own dance moves can make your child creative. Dancing can encourage your child to think and have uniqueness.
  • Cognitive Development – Dance can encourage your child to dance well. Being persistent to get the right moves that is suitable for the music can motivate your child.
  • Improve self-confidence.

Dancing can boost self-confidence. The child may overcome the shyness and dance with confidence while enjoying it.

  • Poise and Grace

Dancing can improve the poise and make your child graceful.

  • Improve Social Skills – Dancing with other kids includes interacting with them. This will help your child learn to socialise with others.

The children need support and encouragement while they are having dance lessons. It is such a fulfilment for parents to see their child enjoying and having wonderful experience in dance class.