Choosing the Best Professional Photo Printing in Brisbane

Your career as a professional photographer seems to be taking off. You have been busy taking fantastic shots of businesses and people. It’s time for you to prove your mettle by producing the best prints for your clients.

In Brisbane, how do you choose the best professional photo printing Brisbane to print out your work?


Why you need a professional photo printing lab


The last step in a photographer’s creative process is to have the photos printed. After all the careful preparations for the photo shoot and the editing, it’s time to have them printed.

As a professional photographer, why do you need to have the photos printed out by a professional photo printing lab? Why not do it yourself?

The standards of consistency and quality you show to your career as a professional photographer are the same rules professional photo labs adhere to. Here are some important reasons why a professional photo printing lab is a good option:

  • They have a solid reputation for delivering products that are high-quality and lasting. They make it a practice to use only the best processes, paper, and ink in printing out photos. The prints they process are designed to last for a long time.
  • They process and produce prints that are on par with your digital images. The true digital images you’ve processed ranging from brightness, colours, sharpness, and tones are consistently followed by professional photo printing labs.
  • They provide consistency ranging from session to printing. This means that what you’ve worked will always reflect your work.

Every work to be printed is handled professionally by good print labs. The same standard is applied to the calibration of the lab’s various printers. This standard practice ensures accurate and consistent prints from the first photos ordered to your 40th order.


Things to consider in a professional photo lab


The wide selection of available printers in the market can be an overwhelming task. Here are some timely guidelines to make the search easier:



A good professional photo lab will offer product templates such as:

  • Key chain
  • Memory mates
  • Tickets
  • Prepay envelopes
  • Wall clings


Kinds of paper

The right kind of lab presents multiple paper options, to include:

  • Pearl or metallic paper
  • Deep mattes
  • Lustre prints
  • Glossies


Kinds of products

Other than prints, a good photo lab will offer varied photo products, to include:

  • Drinkware
  • Fine art
  • Photo albums
  • Metal or canvas prints
  • Buttons
  • Cards
  • Portrait envelopes
  • Magnets
  • Chipboard
  • Prepay envelopes



The price range can be compared but not to be based on the lab offering the cheapest rate for 8 X 12s. Some print styles and sizes are priced cheaply by some labs. Getting an accurate picture when it comes to prices is to compare the rate you got from a lab with two or three labs on your shortlist.


Turnaround time

Some labs can quickly process your prints the next day while some may take longer periods. Find out what the lab’s normal times are and if it affects their rate. Longer waiting time can sometimes spell savings for you.


Choosing the right location or gear to use for your photo shoots is important. Choosing the right professional printer is equally important as well. Have professional photo printing achieved by choosing the experts in the industry.

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