Day-Care: Starting Your Baby on the Right Foot

Probably, you are not going to be there during the day, but your child still needs complete care. Daycare is a better option that allows you, the parent, to drop off your child during the day to the centre, where your child will receive needed care, supervision as well as learning.

Do you know, there are different varieties of daycares?

It’s true. With a keen eye, you’ll notice that the majority of daycare centres specialise in caring for infants through preschoolers.

Still, there are other types of daycare facilities that cater to the needs of school-age children. Such daycares offer before and after school care services.  Advanced daycare centres, on the other hand, have a schedule similar to that of a preschool when the children become toddlers.

Ownership of the daycares will often dramatically vary. Some are owned privately while the government owns some. In each case above, you can find them as national or regional chains. But, some days cares are in-home and are run by a single person.

For any parent, the greater joy is finding a daycare that aligns to the needs of their family.

What must you consider in general?

Daycare practicality

Look at how practical the daycare is. This is in terms of:

  • Available space for your child: taking your child to daycare that is already at capacity isn’t a good idea. The best way to go is to consult about the waiting list if you really need your child enrolled in that daycare.
  • Operating hours: most daycares operate between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., though some variations do occur. Timing is essential, especially when you need to pick your child. Inquire if they allow for delays, just in case you get late.
  • Cost: the amount of money you pay in daycare varies with location and other factors. You must know all the costs they charge for adequate preparation. Some daycares offer discounts under certain circumstances such as when you take 2 kids.
  • Fixed, part-time or flexible care: Some parents work full time. Such parents need to take their kids to a full-time daycare centre. However, there is this group of parents who have either a part-time job or have another supporting type of child care services. Such parents may only require part-time daycare services.

The approach and quality

Every parent likes their children to have the best care and support while they aren’t around. That’s why they look for daycare centres that have a reputation of excellence. Each daycare in Mitchelton registers must have met the highest standards possible.

So consider:

  • Registration and licencing: as a rule, all daycares need to be registered, and they must comply with the health, child welfare and safety regulations. That means it must be registered. However, you also need to consider the qualification of teachers and care providers. Relevant bodies must also register them.
  • Staff: children ratio; the ideal ratio is one adult to 3 children up to 12 months. You note that each daycare sets its staffing ration. Ensure that it is suitable for your child.

Above all, you must ensure the place is safe for your child. Consider factors like room size and temperature, facilities within the classes, cleanliness, and accessibility of first aid kits, among others.

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