What are Alternative High Schools

Are you planning to take your son or daughter to an alternative high school? Do you still wonder whether it is the best choice for them respectively? Whenever you decide whether to take your child to an alternative high school or a traditional one, you should think of several things and must make the right choices.   Most parents know what traditional schools are and have a clear understanding of them, and therefore, it is time for you to know important things about alternative high schools so that you can decide where you will be taking your daughter or son to.

What are Alternative High Schools?

 Alternative high schools are schools that do not provide a learning experience similar to that provided in a traditional High School. Alternative high schools can be private or public and might include magnet,  online and charter schools. Some time ago, alternative schools were mainly meant for troubled learners experiencing behavioural problems that were difficult for traditional schools to handle since they were ill-equipped. Fortunately, things have changed today, and alternative high schools are not meant for troubled students, but instead, they are for any student who wishes to attend alternative high schools due to reasons well known to themselves. In general, these kinds of high schools are available to provide learners who have challenges doing well in a traditional learning setting a chance to be successful in high school and get a high school diploma.

What Makes Alternative High Schools Different?

As you already know, alternative high schools are quite different from traditional high schools. Different alternative high schools have certain variations from one another. For instance, not all alternative high schools give out grades for their students’ performance; others permit their learners to come up with their graduation requirements, while some take place at any hours, including non-traditional hours. However, certain features are common to many alternative high schools. They include;

  •  They have smaller class sizes

One of the main features of the alternative high schools is their smaller class sizes. Unlike the traditional high schools,  they have a small number of learners, which makes them have fewer learners in their classes. This allows the teachers in the alternative high schools to offer individual attention to the learners. This makes learning easier, especially because it is tailored to the specific needs of the learners.

  • Their schedules  and graduation requirements are more flexible

Some alternative high schools offer classes even during the night to accommodate learners with jobs or kids. Others also feature flexible graduation requirements giving their learners better and more choices in the classes they choose to take. The flexibility allows the learner to specialise in the subjects they are interested in.

  • They offer a variety of teaching methods

Alternative high schools usually have so many teaching methods to cater to the needs of all the learners despite their individual needs. Also, their teaching methods usually focus on creativity and interaction, making learning more enjoyable.   These teaching methods are also more useful to learners, especially those who usually struggle in a traditional learning environment where they have to sit for hours and take notes during every lesson.

The above are some of the features of the alternative high schools like Busy Schools. Parents and learners select these schools for several reasons.   However, they are great for learners who ;

  • Struggle to learn in traditional classes
  • Require more guidance and support
  • Are challenged or bored with the current learning environment
  • Going through difficult life situations
  • Experiencing social or behavioural problems

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